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Dayton Daily News - July 2012 'Owner of Engraving Shop gets to be Creative' (Click image to read the article)

On The Web! Imbibe featured our binary barware!

'Now when someone mentions your nerdy glasses, they won't be talking about the ones on your face. Laser Wolf's glassware series, etched with the words 'wine glass' or 'beer glass' written in binary code, take the term 'drink geek' to a whole new level. As creator Will

Stansfield points out, "Entertaining friends these days often involves

interactive technologies through gaming systems and computers", so shouldn't you be using appropriate glasses? Plus, with an understated, minimal design, they are way less tacky than coffee mugs that say 'Byte Me'.' May 2008 IMBIBE

"The Quirky & The Cool' @ About/Cocktails featured unique barware & accessories. (We were the COOL!)Binary Beer and Wine Glasses:- Unite your drinking geek with your computer geek (okay just a little "byte"). These glasses have a simple ring of binary code etched in them which translates to "beer glass" and "wine glass." Is there a cocktail glass? I'd like to channel my inner Cocktail-Computer Geek with a nice Martini also.Click the image to see the full article.LASER WOLF ON YOUTUBE!

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