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T-SHIRTS - Short Run for your event!

At Laser Wolf Engraving we think of ourselves as the solution for small business promotions. If you have an event, promotion or just an idea that you need a short run of shirts or other apparel for - give us a call and let's see if we can help you. Our services are perfect for orders of ONE up to 50 shirts. Choose from sublimation shirts or Twill appliqués that are custom cut on our laser and heat pressed for permanent application. These are great and competitively priced. Since neither process uses screen printing there are no screen charges or custom color charges. No art charge with your digital art. Truly a way to make a BIG impact! See below for ideas!

Tie Dye shirt with Twill Laser Cut Applique

Front, back and side application of custom design.

Farewell Tour Shirts

These were done for a going away party.

Sublimation Shirt

This process makes your image part of the fabric. Brilliant colors, best on white or pastel nylon shirts.

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