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Thanksgiving - Family Fun

Fall and family go hand in hand. Here are ideas for celebrating the time shared with family and the beautiful autumn colors of the season.

Fall Flowers in Laser Pumpkin

Pumpkins last for months if not carved out - but we love a fresh floral arrangement on the Thanksgiving table.

Detail of pumpkin engraving

Design your own!

Engraved Buckeyes!

Perfect for placecards at the table or to make into ornaments or necklaces as a fun fall family project!


Go Bucks! Have children create ornaments to give to relatives at Thanksgiving to hang on their Christmas tree.

Winter Wonderland Photos

Your favorite winter photos are stunning on an aluminum photo mat. Sublimation photos are great for gifts - come see our sample.

Cards with Friends

A custom card and dice set for winter nights with family and friends.

Custom Puzzles

Any photo you wish can be a puzzle - we do them right here at LWE - so you don't pay expensive shipping or have to wait weeks to arrive.

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